Terms & Conditions


Cancellation or No Show:
Forfeit session fee & any deposits paid if cancelled. 15 minute grace period. Session will be cancelled after 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes. $35 late fee added to balance.
After 40 minutes. $55 late fee added to balance.
At 60 minute mark session is cancelled without the option to reschedule.
Event coverage timeframe will remain as contracted regardless of any delay. 

$15 rescheduling fee. Must reschedule with at least 24 hr notice or extenuating circumstances determined by photographer. Medical or emergency. Less than 24 hrs - Considered cancelled or no show.

No refunds will be honored on packages purchased at session. Refunds will only be issued if the photographer is at fault and cannot produce the images or product.

Turnaround Time:
Studio & On-Location Sessions  -  2 weeks                                                                                                                              Holiday Specials - 2 weeks or by the holiday
Events & Weddings  -  60 days with periodic uploads

These timeframes are approximate. As we hope to meet this requirement with each session, please be understanding if there is a delay. The timeframes have been calculated and determined by our workload constraints with editing and shooting. Baronial Designs Photography LLC is a full time small business and operates with one employee and various partners for outsourced products and services. Having only one employee responsible for running the business efficiently, this allows us the proper time to tend to all business matters while maintaining a standard for our clients. We are just as excited to complete your gallery as you are to receive your photos.

Print Order Submission, Turnaround Time & Order Fulfillment:                                                                                                            After client has received their gallery information to view their images, client will be prompted to submit their order within 2 weeks. Please allow up to 3 weeks from the date of submission for prints to be delivered to the client. This 3 week period allows for ordering, production, shipping/delivery to the photographer, inspection of the items and the delivery to client.                                               Client is responsible for informing the photographer of their print package selection. We will assume you are not ready to submit your order if you do not provide this information. Print credit will remain for 1 year from the session date.

Must be paid for day of session unless otherwise agreed upon with photographer PRIOR to the session.
Combination discount only available at the conclusion of session during original purchase.
(Digital discount)

Session Fees:
Non-refundable & due at time of booking to secure session. Separate from package and product purchases. Session fees cover the photographer's time shooting, editing, website access, online proofing gallery and any props necessary for the session. If the session requires props exceeding the allotted amount from the session fee, an additional agreement will be made based on the requirements of the amount to be covered by the original session fee and the costs the client will be responsible for. This includes any deposits made towards a service.

Local deliveries will be made based on the availability of the photographer. Delays may occur. Photographer is not responsible for products lost, stolen or damaged at a location the client determined was suitable for the product to be left upon delivery. If weather or environmental conditions are poor or the location does not appear safe, the photographer will not leave the items without handing them directly to the client or someone the client arranged to receive the item.

Payment due in full at time of booking. Session fee and promotional offer combined to one price.

Late Payment Fees:
Weddings & Events - $150
Package payments - $50

Bounced Check or Stop Payment
$150 fee

Print Credit -  Valid 1yr
Credit Amount - Valid 1yr
Wedding or Event Credit - 30+ days notice - full amount valid 5 yrs
Wedding or Event Credit - -30 days notice - no credit or refund

Equipment Malfunctions:
Baronial Designs Photography LLC shall not be responsible for equipment malfunctions or lost files. Provisions will be made in the unfortunate event that this would take place to rectify the matter and maintain a positive business relationship with the client within reason. Agreement shall be met between photographer and client. Client will receive a formal email with our company attorney CC'd addressing the matter.

Refund Requests or Disputes:
Client will receive a formal email with our company attorney CC'd with our decision for all matters regardless of severity or amount.

Contacting the Photographer:
Please refrain from contacting the photographer during the expected turnaround times to inquire about the progression of your edits. If there is a delay you will be notified. Otherwise, expect to receive your viewing information by the intended date. 

Interactions with Photographer:                                                                                                                                                    Please remain cordial and respectful at all times when communicating with photographer. Should the photographer feel uncomfortable at any point by the client or guests of the client, client will be notified by our company & company attorney and services will be terminated, no refund or credit will be honored under any circumstances. If an incident occurs during a session or event, photographer may leave and services will be terminated effective immediately. One warning will be given referencing this notice.

Editing Delays:
During peak seasons or extremely busy times, delays may happen. Please be patient as we are doing our best to complete your photos.

Wedding Season - during peak wedding seasons, depending on the time of year and other specials, delays may occur. Please be patient as we are doing our best to complete your photos.

Upload Delays:
Please be patient as we complete your uploads. There may be delays due to schedule changes, network connectivity issues or website maintenance. The photographer works through the night on edits and uploads periodically, please allow that grace period. There may be times where uploads take longer than expected to complete.

Progress Notifications:
At the conclusion of your session you will receive an automated message with your expected completion date and instructions. Please reference that message during your expected turnaround time.

Automated Responses:
If you contact the photographer at a time they are unavailable, you will receive an automated message informing you of when you can expect to be contacted. Customer service availability is limited during certain times. Aside from our company attorney, the photographer is the sole owner & employee of the company. The photographer may be unavailable for medical reasons, religious beliefs, vacation, family emergencies, or working with another client or business matter. Please do not respond to automated message notifications or continue to contact the photographer after you are notified that they unavailable. Harassment will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Please do not contact the photographer during expected turnaround times to inquire about the progression of your edits. We are working diligently to complete all of our galleries within their expected timeframe and do our best to meet those requirements. You will receive an automated message informing you to reference your post-session notification.

Rush Orders & Editing:
$50 fee for editing completion required sooner than expected turnaround time. For products, amount shall be determined by photographer and agreed upon with client prior to purchase based on the availability of the photographer and lab.

Product & Shipping Delays:
Delays may occur for any reason. Please be patient as there are many factors that contribute to delays which are no fault of the photographer. Refunds will not be honored on products already ordered or that can be fulfilled. If there are special circumstances where a product cannot be produced by the promised time of event (event or birthday/holiday, refund options will be discussed. Company attorney will be copied to the email notification.

Incurred Costs:
Any costs incurred during the time of service including but not limited to parking fees, tolls, entry or admission fees, permits or miscellaneous are to be paid by client. If the photographer should be responsible for covering costs in any amount without immediate reimbursement before the conclusion of the service, client will be charge a fee of $50 for charges under $50. If the fees are greater than $50, client will be charged the amount of the fee plus an additional $50.

Inspiration Photos:
Inspiration photos will only be used to reference style or theme when informing the photographer of your vision. Photos will be replicated if possible with their own unique features. The only way to get the same details in the inspiration photo is to use the photographer that shot that image. All shoots are unique and the slightest differences can change everything about a photo. Please do not request for the images to be exact. If the photographer can fulfill your request, the extent of replication will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the session. Variation is guaranteed.

Artistic Style:
Every photographer has their own shooting and editing style. Please research our work to determine if our shooting and editing style is right for you prior to your booking your session. Once your session fee or deposit is paid, it's assumed you have done this research and are happy with your choice of photographer. We are dedicated to giving our clients images they love that are unique. We have a great deal of experience with lighting techniques and will do our best to meet your expectations.

Consultations & Requests:
Prior to booking your service or session, we will inquire about your vision and expectations. It is the client's responsibility to communicate their wants. Please be sure to inform the photographer of everything you like about an inspirational photo or request including but not limited to editing style, shooting style, coloration, lighting and poses.

Completed Images:
Once your gallery is created and you access your photos, the images presented are the final product and fully edited to meet professional standards. Editing techniques and style are limited to the photographers skill level. If we are unable to fulfill your request we will inform you of the limitations.
All of the images that are useable will be edited and added to your gallery. If you do not see the photo in the gallery, it's because it could not be used. Image review is limited while shooting. Some images may appear clear during the session or event but may have more complex flaws when opened on the computer and will be deleted. 

Image Storage:
Images will be stored on the company's storage system through our website provider. You may access your images at anytime without worry. Codes are unchanged and have no expiration.

All payments are expected to be paid by the date agreed upon. Wedding, event and payment installments are paid on the 1st, 15th or specified date. Payments less than the amount agreed upon will be considered late. Late fees will be applied.

Images will not be released until balance is satisfied.

Payment Methods:
Cash/Check/Money Order/Zelle/Cash App/Venmo/FB Pay, or Diamond Credit Union Transfer

Returned payments will be charged at double the rate of the original payment. Client access will be restricted.

Use of Legal Advice & Attorney Presence:
As a limited liability company (LLC) we exercise our ability to use the guidance and support from our company attorney for any matters necessary that include but are not limit to customer service issues, refunds, policy infractions or conduct incidents. The use of the company attorney is to ensure fairness for all parties is carried out under any situation deemed necessary. The use of attorney presence should not be misinterpreted for excessive action. We are a registered business within the state of Pennsylvania and we will take every precaution necessary to protect our reputation and ensure debatable issues are handled correctly.

Personal & Professional Boundaries:
As a photographer, I work from the studio, on location and from home. My personal cell phone and direct business line are the same. When I am not shooting an event or session, that is considered my personal time. My schedule is based on my availability. I do not have a set schedule for editing or other business matters. I will respond to messages, calls or emails when I'm available to do so and within a reasonable timeframe. If I inform you that I'm unavailable, please do not keep contacting me. I will not be forced or pressured to disclose my personal information in order to stop a client from contacting me demanding an immediate response. I do not work "on call" nor do I have a set schedule. Although I work directly with my clients on an intimate and personable level, it is not to be confused that my business is still a business. The same way you would wait for a response from a supervisor, manager or customer service from another company, is the same way you may need to wait for a response from me.

Communication Methods:
Email/Phone/Social Media Platforms (personal/business)
Which ever methods are used to contact you are the methods that are available at that time. If you would like to be contacted by a different method, you will have to wait for us to respond. Phone calls cannot be taken at all times. We will return your call or schedule a call with you.

Client Satisfaction:
Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. No refunds will be honored because a client simply doesn't like the photos. If there is an error in the quality of the photos or editing techniques, we will do everything possible to correct it but please reference statements above under ARTISTIC STYLE & COMPLETED IMAGES. Please verbalize your vision, and specify in detail about things you want incorporated into your session or service prior to or during the session. Once the session is concluded, your images will be edited to the best of our ability based on your requests.

Inclement weather, natural disaster, emergency, holiday, vacation and medical closures may happen from time to time. During closures, you will receive an automated message informing you of the closure and an expected date that we will get back to you.

During the pandemic we have experienced a variety of closures and restrictions. We are doing everything possible to operate as usual. Unfortunately, lab closures are out of our control. We order from multiple labs, some are local and some are in different states. Not all businesses are operating at full capacity. Expect delays, expect unanticipated closures due to workplace outbreaks, anything can happen to slow the production of your product. We will not substitute our products or change the labs we use due to closures. We are dedicated to providing professional quality prints and products. Please refrain from contacting the photographer multiple times while you are waiting if there is a closure or delay. We are just as anxious to fulfill your order as you are to receive it.

Masks should be worn until we are ready to start your session. Parents who are not being photographed, please wear your mask. I will be wearing a mask while setting up and working with clients. I will not be wearing a mask over my nose when actively shooting. It fogs my viewfinder and I cannot see. I may need to remove my mask periodically.

Our studio is dedicated to keeping a clean and safe environment for our clients during such a scary time. We disinfect the entire studio with a handheld atomizer (fogger) using a safe disinfectant solution along with other cleaning products and supplies. Disposable masks are available for any client that needs one.

If you have paid for a service or product and it is affected by Covid-19 closures or restrictions, credit will remain for future use/fulfillment.

Sneak Peeks:
Sneak peeks will only be given when the photographer is able and willing to do so. Please do not request sneak peeks or contact the photographer multiple times requesting to see your photos before they are ready. It is much easier to complete your images in their entirety within the expected timeframe opposed to temporarily working on your gallery.

Gown Rentals:                                                                                                                                                                                        We have partnered with Amazon to be able to provide a wide variety of maternity gowns and ensure quality and timely delivery. Gown rentals range from $25-$50. If the gown of choice exceeds $60, the client will be responsible for the cost. Most dresses are within normal range. 

Prop Credit or Exchange:
Once a client trades an item for a monetary credit or print credit, the trade is final. Original agreement will remain and no refund or return of the item will be honored.

All models are required to sign waivers stating that Baronial Designs has full ownership of the images taken. Photo selection and usage is at the discretion of the company unless otherwise agreed upon prior to the session.

Clients receive copyright release with the purchase of digital files. You can print your images anywhere by presenting your copyright release card. Baronial Designs Photography LLC will always have rights to any photos taken regardless of digital file purchase. No nude, boudoir or intimate photos will be used without permission.